Finest Wedding DJ in Central Missouri

HB Sounds specializes in weddings and wedding receptions – your wedding is not only the beginning of your life together, it’s a joyous event that will be remembered for years and immortalized in sight and sound.  I’m dedicated to providing the best DJ and entertainment service possible for your special day.

That’s why HB Sounds provides more than just a DJ to play your music.

I can work as your wedding reception coordinator to make sure everything flows smoothly and in the order you prefer.  For example – I’ll make sure that the right person has the microphone at the right time.  I won’t start the “Father-Daughter” dance until I’m sure the father and daughter are both there!  I can keep the kids entertained with the “Hokey Pokey” if they’re getting restless.   The happy couple can enjoy their reception, without these kind of worries!

And speaking of music –  all songs and all genres are available.  I’ll use your song selections and my ability to read the crowd to play the right song at the right time, ensuring that the party remains enjoyable for both the bride and groom and their guests.

And unlike some wedding DJs – I won’t leave until the party is over!  If your reception is scheduled to run until midnight, but everyone is still dancing and having a good time – I’ll stay too, at no extra charge.


“Victor Huggins was the DJ at our wedding reception. He was extremely professional and flexible. We met prior to our reception to discuss song choice and the reception schedule. We wanted specific songs played during the reception, so we provided Victor with a list of songs. He came prepared and downloaded each song in advance. During the reception, Victor kept to the schedule of events. He got guests involved and the dance floor was full the whole night. On the microphone, Victor was humorous and engaging. We couldn’t have chosen a better DJ!

Laura Borghardt and Marie Nielsen